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三天 Mi-tin is a word used to pray in Okinawa. It also means to describe a circularity of things. Mitin comprises of two characters, 三”three” and 天”god";  Utin “Heaven”, Jīchi “Earth”  and Ryūgu "Sea". Rain falls from the sky to the land, makes a stream to the sea and eventually evaporates back to the sky. The people of the island appreciate gods that dwell in Miting for the blessing of nature.


The islands in Okinawa are in such circumstances and its balance is gradually falling apart. 


From autumn 2022 things have been changing rapidly likewise in Yonaguni Island, where I currently set my based for my artwork production. The deployment of a new missile unit covering 18 hectares, the bay project to excavate the high biodiversity importance, combat vehicles driving on public roads and children conducting missile evacuation drills. The balance of the island, which nature should prevail, is certainly collapsing.

Is praying to the gods of Mitin the only way to protect the island as it should be? Right at this moment, I make paper from the blessing of nature and take another look at all the living things through the finder. Sending the awing beauty of Yonaguni on paper to Tokyo, 2023 kilometers far away.

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